Window Roller Shutter Benefits

Save on Energy Bills:

Save on electricity and gas bills with the installation of Window/Door roller shutters.The insulation (PU foam ) inside the slat profile helps to keep the heat inside during the winter and keeping the home cool during the summers.

Window Roller Shutters reduce the thermal transfer up to 90%* thus making your home environment-friendly by reducing your carbon footprint while saving money on energy bills.




According to the 2015-2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics 225,700 homes have had a break in. One Victorian home is burgled every 15 minutes according to RACV Burglary Statistics.

Installing Window/Door roller shutters offers peace of mind for the entire family. Industrial roller shutters Melbourne act as a strong deterrent against the break ins and vandalism, making it hard for the criminals to access homes through the windows or doors.


Wind and Storm Protection:

Window/Door Roller Shutters provides year round protection to homes against harsh weather conditions e.g. flying debris during wind storms, hail, pounding rain and  UV rays from the sun (which damages your interior furnishings).




Light Control :

Coming home from night shift!

Want to sleep in!

Want to have a complete cinema darkness in you home theater!

Window Roller blinds block out the unwanted light up to 100%* for your rooms.




Noise Control:

With the installation of Window/ Door roller shutters, the sound transfer from external sources can be reduced up to 50% * due to the insulation (PU Foam) in the aluminum profile.




*Statistics collected through formal testing in laboratory situations. Results may vary depending on installation & application type.

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