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Upgrades & Repairs

Are you looking for roller shutters repairs near you? Do you need to repair your existing window roller shutters for your residential or commercial property? Look no further, because Aus Window Roller Shutters is committed to serving every customer with the best-in-class repair services at an affordable cost.

At Aus window roller shutters, you can get access to passionate and experienced technicians who have extensive experience in handling all kinds of repair and maintenance services of all sorts of roller shutters. Our staff is highly efficient in providing the top quality services with the utmost care and dedication. Our focus is to offer the client with the most reliable and trustworthy services during their installation or repair of window roller shutters. We give competent services to our clients and this makes them come back to us for any kinds of repair services.



Upgrade Manual system to Electric

Tired of winding your shutters up and down manually!

Make your life easy by upgrading your manual roller shutter to fully automated remote controlled roller shutters.



Cable replacement

Roller shutter jamming or not moving at all!

Possibly with wear and tear cable is frayed or broken .Replace the existing cable with stainless steel cable.



Electric Motor Replacement

Electric roller shutter not working! Sick of spending money on replacing remote control batteries!

Upgrade with 240V hard wired electrical motor installed by a certified professional.



Winch Replacement

Roller shutter works, but isn’t holding its desired position!

Hard to roll the shutter Up and Down!

Over the time, with the wear and tear of the mechanism, the winch stops working to its full capacity. It can be replaced by a new winch or upgraded to electric motor.


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