The best material for window roller shutters

Choosing the best material for window roller shutters for your home or commercial building can be confusing at times due to the wide range of options available in the market. There are also so many designs of roller shutters made from different materials.

The choice of best material for window roller shutters should entirely depend on why you are installing the shutters in the first place. This is because the material suitable for shutters meant to provide insulation may not do a good job as far as providing security is concerned.

If you are reading this article and your still confused about which material to choose for your roller shutters, then you’re in the right place. We are going to share with you the best materials used for roller shutters alongside their most ideal use cases. 

The commonly used materials to make roller shutters include; steel, aluminum, PVC, and wood. Lets now look at each of these materials individually, along with their ideal use cases plus their pros and cons.

  1. Steel 

Roller shutters that are made from steel are among the commonest in the market. This is because steel is very strong and the most ideal material if one wants to install shutters where the primary goal is improving the security of their building. Steel is also preferred because of its friendly cost especially if one doesn’t have a big budget for the shutters. 

Pros and cons 


  • It is the strongest material amongst all the common materials used to make shutters 
  • It is cheap compared to Aluminum and other metals that may be used to make roller shutters
  • It is also readily available compared to the rest of the materials 
  • It can be used in industrial buildings since it doesn’t transmit fire in case of an outbreak


  • Its durability is affected by rusting 
  • Steel needs painting that at times peels off especially during rainy days
  • It is not ideal for shutters meant for insulation because it is a good conductor of heat

Bottom line Steel is a the best material for window roller shutters if your primary role for installing roller shutters is improving the security of your house. However, it may not be the ideal choice for someone who wants to improve the insulation of the house

  1. Aluminum 

This is another common material that is used to make roller shutters thanks to the many good mechanical properties that give it an edge over many materials. Its high strength to weight ratio is the reason it is still one of the most recommended materials especially for the building where the weight of materials is a big factor

Pros and cons 


  • It is more durable than steel and wood because it is not affected by rusting or insects 
  • It is extremely light compared to steel 
  • It doesn’t require painting
  • It is also soft which makes forming it into different shapes easier 


  • It is way more expensive than steel and wood
  • It is not as strong as steel.

Bottom line 

Aluminum is one of those materials that has a lot of great mechanical properties – the reason its popularity is growing at a high rate. As far as shutters are concerned, Aluminum would be ideal for situations where lightness and durability are the main objectives for installing roller shutters.

  1. Wood 

Wood is another common material that is used in construction. It is also commonly used for roller shutters especially for people in areas where security is not a big concern. Wood is known for its flexibility when it comes to customization. It’s the reason why shutters made out of wood always have more designs than those made from other materials


  • Wood is easier to customize compared to steel and aluminum 
  • It is also not as expensive as aluminum
  • It is a good insulator which makes it ideal for insulation applications 


  • it easily transmits fire which makes it unideal for industrial buildings
  • it gets affected by insects easily. This reduces its durability 

Bottom line 

Wood is the most ideal material for people who need roller shutters mainly for insulation. However, it won’t do good in case of a robbery attack because it is not as strong as steel or aluminum

  1. PVC

PVC is another common material that is used in roller shutters. It is also loved for being an insulator which makes it ideal for houses situated in extremely cold and extremely hot regions. PVC is also soft which makes it easy to customize into different shapes and designs


  • It is easily customizable 
  • It is a good insulator
  • It is also less expensive than aluminum


  • It can easily transmit fire from one room to another in case of an outbreak. This is because it has a low melting temperature

Bottom line

PVC is a commonly used material in situations where the primary goal for installing shutters is improving house insulation. This is because it is not a good conductor of heat.

Final thoughts 

The above materials that we have shared are the commonly used ones in the industry of roller shutters today. After assessing your priorities, you can choose any of these materials based on what you want the shutters to accomplish. There is also a possibility of combining more than one of these materials to make a roller shutter.

For instance, some shutters are made of both wood and steel. Such a shutter would have a fraction of the good properties of both materials which would be an advantage in scenarios where both properties are needed.

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