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Steel Doors and Shutters for Domestic Applications

Security doors are typically used in institutional, commercial and industrial establishments, specifically over main doors, delivery entrances, storage buildings, parking garages, and more. They are extremely strong and long-lasting, and can withstand constant use without getting stuck unlike folding doors and other security methods used in residential needs. These important security features of security doors are popularly applied in residential for added safety, security and peace of mind, as well.

Security doors that are residential grade are a great feature that adds to the aesthetics of the home, particularly when security is of utmost importance. They are made out of steel or aluminium, so they are flexible yet sturdier. Steel is a good material for any type of establishment or structure because of its versatility, durability, beauty and longevity. Any home would become a lot more secure with these doors without compromising its homey appeal.

Steel based security doors and roller shutters with spaced bars or openwork grills are perfect to maintain security within the home while allowing air to circulate. This is great for securing verandas and patios and of course over windows. With these security door features, there is no need to haul valuable items to and from exterior spaces before and after each use. Residents can confidently outfit gazebos with entertainment devices for some afternoon picnics, and when it is time to retreat for the night, they simply close and lock the grills to secure them.

Security doors are likewise perfect for securing private vacation homes, which families only use during holidays. Such homes are usually vacated most months of the year, making them vulnerable to vandalism and theft. With the use of roller shutter and door systems, vacation homes remain considerably safe from intruders, remaining a haven once families come to spend the holidays there.

Roller shutters and doors are equally useful for securing domestic greenhouses, sheds and garages. Generally these are made of glass or plastic, colourbond steel or other materials, which are engineered to meet specific standards. However, it often pays to reinforce the walls and doors with steel to make them a lot stronger. Specifically, in some instances, steel doors, walls and roofs are used to replace glass or plastic in greenhouses, because steel likewise provides ample insulation and heat trapping properties, providing great environment for gardening.

Roller shutters and security doors are low maintenance and are mostly coated with anti-rush finish to keep rust damage at bay. They come in full length or customised to match areas of application. They provide security and insulation, which are two of the most important things needed in homes, especially right here in Melbourne where we experience four seasons in a single day. In addition, steel roller doors and shutters are fire-resistant, so they make homes even much safer for living.​

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